Deeply and Creatively Weird.

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Lover of people and their intricate beauty and seeing glimpses of God's fullness in those deep relationships and in mountain dwelling. Working at my degree in Global Studies with minors in Humanities and Sociology. People and philosophy are actually my favorite. Captivated by/always seeking challenge and discomfort in times when I have the choice to be comfortable. I believe that people just need to met where they're at and loved just as they are and that breakfast foods are best served for dinner. Arizona raised and currently being educated in Southern California. Spent a semester exploring, backpacking, studying Humanities, loving/being loved by 42 strangers turned family in Yosemite. Lover of coffee, ranty talks with best friends, sharing books, rain, fog, mountains, seeing people care, Theology, Soc. Theories, and Human Nature classes, cigars shared in beautiful places with beautiful people talking about things that really matter, dogs, exploring, backpacking, camping, pillows, blankets. Seeking understanding and striving to be fully present where I'm at. -- Riley.

Runaways - The Killers

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    Runaways - The Killers
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